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Face mask vending machines

Our customised face mask vending machine is a robust solution to providing your employees and visitors protection on the go. This machine is specifically designed to deliver certified face masks. The masks provide a high level of protection against airborne infections. 

During this period, it is important for businesses to make the workplace, and public space environments as safe as possible. Rapidppe2go care a lot about your business, employees, customers, and contractors. Our face mask vending machines will help make personal hygiene products available to your employees and visitors around the clock. With this, business establishments can improve workplace safety and public safety.

The machines are user friendly to your employees and visitors, and items can be paid for using contactless payments along with coins. 

Let us supply your business with face mask vending machines. 

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RapidPPE2go is a reliable provider of custom vending machine solutions across the UK. Our company specialises in developing face mask & hand sanitiser vending machines for different businesses and spaces.

Safety, both at home, at work, or in public has become essential for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our face mask vending machines are suitable for Shopping Centres, Train Stations, Office Buildings, as well as other public places like Universities, Schools, Hotels, Medical Centres, Airports, Gyms, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Factories, and so forth helping to protect employees, customers, management, and contractors, to prevent the continuous spread of COVID-19, making the workplace environment and the general public safer.

When a face mask is worn it can significantly reduce the chances of infection from a number of diseases. It’s a key part in the fight against COVID-19, especially as asymptomatic carriers do not know they are carrying the virus. Masks have been proven to reduce the spread of infection and are widely used in the fight against COVID-19 throughout the world.


Scientists have agreed that droplets can travel further that 6ft and smaller droplets known as aerosols can remain suspended or travel through the air before they eventually settle on surfaces.  Wearing a face mask can significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and medical experts have encouraged everyone to wash hands regularly, apply alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and wear face masks to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Research now shows that wearing a mask can reduce the spread of infection by up to 75%.


All citizens should be encouraged to wear face masks to protect other people.


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