Our Machines

Our customised face mask vending machine is a robust solution to providing your employees and visitors protection on the go. This machine is specifically designed to deliver certified face masks. The masks provide a high level of protection against airborne infections. 

During this period, it is important for businesses to make the workplace, and public space environments as safe as possible. Rapidppe2go care a lot about your business, employees, customers, and contractors. Our face masks vending machines will help make personal hygiene products available to your employees and visitors around the clock. With this, business establishments can improve workplace safety and public safety.

The machines are user friendly to your employees and visitors, and items can be paid for using contact less payments along with coins. 

With the option to wrap each machine with your branding we can ensure every machine stands out to potential customers.

Let us supply your business with face mask vending machines. 

Swan Walk machine 3.JPG
Swan Walk machine 12.JPG
Contactless payments

At RappidPPE2go we pride ourselves in offering our customers the latest innovation, and ensuring our machines have payment systems in line with the current retail market.

As well as the convenience of cashless payments, our solutions also have telemetry technology. This enables our fully operated service to be streamlined with real-time data of your machines inventory and sales transactions. Access to this technology allows us to make sure your machines are always fully stocked.

Our contactless payment solutions offer a more hygienic option for your staff and customers to pay for PPE, limiting the amount of necessary touch points.


Some of our locations

Swan Walk,


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Festival Place,


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Bullring & Grand Central, Birmingham

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Our Products

Please contact us for pricing to purchase these items.


Washable Masks

Durable Neoprene Respiratory Face Mask With Valve

Disposable Civilian Protective Type 1 Face Masks 3 Ply – Pack of 10


Antibacterial Hand Gel - 50ml